Brosa is a leading manufacturer of force measuring sensors and pressure transducers with headquarters in Tettnang, near Lake Constance, Germany. With the goal of bringing quality and durable products on market, Brosa has been developing force measuring sensors and pressure transducers since 1935, now having sales offices in the Netherlands, Singapore, and China. Electronic components are developed and manufactured by Rüthi Electronic AG in Switzerland, a subsidiary of Brosa AG.

Brosa is specialized in developing and manufacturing customized sensors, creating solutions for new purposes and customizing sensors to the requirements and needs of each client, individually.

Force Measuring Pin

Tubular Load Cell

Tension Load Cell

Extension Sensor

Force Washer Sensor

Compression Load Cell

Support Jack Load Cell

Extension Sensor

Measuring Block

Shear Force Sensor

Pressure Transducer

Pressure Transducer (Abrasive)

Angle Sensor

Anti Two-Block Switches

Atex Sensors